1927 Geneva College Basketball Team

Athletics - The Genevans 1928 Basketball

The 1927-28 Geneva College Covenanter men’s basketball team was coached by Alvin “Bo” McMillin.  The 1927-28 season was his third season as the head basketball coach.  While he was not as successful as a basketball coach as he was as a football coach, he still maintained a relatively high level of success.  During his tenure his greatest victories were those against the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, and Grove City College.  That season would be his last season at Geneva College and it appears that most were upset when they found out he was leaving, feeling that it would be difficult to find a worthy successor.  The Covenanters were led by forward Maurice Rubenstein who was a forward for Coach McMillin.  He was held out of the lineup for a majority of the season due to injuries, but when he returned his presence was always felt and highly valued.  He was regarded as having the best shot on the squad and was the player toward which the opposing defenses devoted the most attention.  The manager of the 1927-28 team was Frank Wiley.  The 1928 Genevan expressed the accepted understanding that sports managers were often ridiculed and overlooked, yet it is evident that Wiley’s role on the team was one much underappreciated.  He was regarded as the “ideal manager” who always performed his duties promptly and properly.

Geneva’s record for the 1927-28 season was 12-8, which was a season of high success for the Covenanters.  The biggest games of the year were against Grove City College and Duquesne University.  The pre-game hype leading up to the Duquesne game was popularized in numerous newspapers such as the Beaver Falls Tribune and the Pittsburgh Post.  The game represented the ultimate competition for champion of the Tri-State Conference.  Many were surprised that Geneva College even stood a chance in the game considering Duquesne had won each of the previous three conference titles.  In the end Geneva College would end up losing the game against Duquesne and the Dukes would hold on to the conference title.

The Genevan is Geneva College’s yearbook which are located at Geneva College’s McCartney Library in Beaver Falls, PA.

(“Dukes Play Geneva Here on Thursday” Beaver Falls Tribune, January 31, 1928, http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=Q-9iAAAAIBAJ&sjid=tGwNAAAAIBAJ&dq=duke%20play%20here%20on%20thursday&pg=1731%2C1364028 )

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