Student Senate

In the 1920s, Geneva’s Student Senate was considered to be the mediator between the faculty and administration and the student body. Two students from each class (except freshmen) were elected at the beginning of each school year to serve on the Senate, both men and women. Though the group was comprised completely of students, the decisions of the student Senate were authoritative. According to the 1929 Genevan description of the group, its main purpose was the “formulation and administration of freshman rules.” This is an interesting concept which fits in with the increased emphasis put on class status in the 1920s.[1] Aside from this, the Student Senate at Geneva in the 1920s doesn’t seem too different from the Student Senate today. Want to see what the Student Senate Members looked like in the 1920s? Click on a year: 19251927, 1929.

[1] Barbara A. Schreier, Fitting In: Four Generations of College Life (Chicago: Chicago Historical Society, 1991), 32.

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