Dorm Life

Living on campus at Geneva in the 1920s was significantly different in a number of ways in comparison with dorm life today. Students in the 1920s were assigned their rooms by a faculty committee.[1] In addition, students were provided with all necessary linens as part of the price of room and board. Interestingly, men and women did not pay the same price—women were charged $10 or $11 per month, while men were expected to pay only $7 per month.[2] The reason for this is unclear.[3]

Curtains, which are against Geneva policy currently due to risk of fire, were provided by the school for female students only in the 1920s. Presumably this was to afford the women the privacy they would need living in a dormitory building.

Geneva dormitories in the 1920s sought to create a sense of community just as they do today. Group yearbook photographs of dorm inhabitants together in front of the buildings, illustrates the emphasis put on dorm unity and community. To some extent, the dormitories resembled an organized club in the way that they functioned. For example, the men living in North Hall (which no longer exists today) held a variety of events for the students, orchestrated by the officers of the dorm.[4] Perhaps more than today, there existed a sense of camaraderie within dorms between the students, creating a place of belonging and providing them with a unified identity on the campus. Click a link to see dorm yearbook photos: 1924 Men of North Hall, 1928 Men of North Hall, 1925 Women of McKee Hall.

[1] 1924 Genevan

[2] 1924 Genevan

[3] One possibility would be the ratio of men to women enrolled at the college, but this is just a guess.

[4] 1928 Genevan

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