Campus Events

Geneva College students in the 1920s enjoyed a variety of scheduled campus events throughout the school year. Some of the most popular and unique events included May Day, Migration Day, Homecoming Day, and the Thousand Mile Walk.

One highly anticipated event at Geneva in the 1920s was May Day. On Geneva’s campus, May Day celebrations involved a variety of festivities involving dressing up in costumes and participating in dances and other activities. Click here to see a few photographs of May Day festivities in 1924 at Geneva, and click here to see a 1928 Genevan yearbook collage of May Day photos.

Migration Day was an interesting event at Geneva College in the 1920s, in which Geneva students traveled for the day to Grove City College. The purpose of this was to maintain the friendly rivalry between the two Christian colleges. On Migration Day in 1925, nearly every Geneva student participated in the event, and congregated at Grove City’s Stadium for a form of pep rally between the two schools.[1]

Homecoming Day in the 1920s was very similar as it is today at Geneva, with the traditional footfall game and other various events. On Homecoming Day in 1925, a band known as the “moose band” played Geneva songs throughout the afternoon, helping everyone to become excited for the celebration. A big banquet was held in McKee Hall for students, faculty and alumni in the evening to end the festivities.

Finally, the Thousand Mile Walk was a unique event at Geneva, which was sponsered by the YMCA and the YWCA, and served as a way for everyone to get to know new freshman at the beginning of the year. In 1925 it occurred on September 18th, and began with the students congregating in the gym, where the event was kicked off with musical entertainment from the college orchestra and other musicians and entertainers from around campus.  Following this, the students went on the “journey,” which presumably meant that they took a walk around the area, using the time to meet each other and socialize. The walk ended with refreshments for all. The significance of this day seems to have been equivalent with activities associated with new freshman orientation, perhaps comparable with the infamous orientation boat cruise today.

In addition to regularly hosted events, there would at times be special events, such as the Spring Festival in 1926. This was held in Reeves Stadium, and featured music and even dances from different countries around the world.

The Genevan, the college yearbook, often featured event calendars for the past year. These list the scheduled events month by month, which helps to give understanding and insight regarding the normal day-to-day activities that students at Geneva participated in during the 1920s, from sporting events to parties. Click on a month to see what kind of events took place:

December, 1927

January, 1928

February, 1928

March, 1928

September, 1928

October, 1928

November, 1928

December, 1928

December, 1929



[1] 1925 Genevan

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