1920 Men’s Debate Society in the News Paper

Beaver Falls Masthead

In 1920, Geneva and Beaver Falls were very closely interrelated.  Early in 1920, the Beaver Falls Evening News Tribune published a short article on the Geneva Debate teams and what they were going to be talking about in their upcoming debate.  The two teams were chosen each of three men and an alternate who made up one affirmative team and one negative team.

The topic for the year as published in the newspaper was “Resolved that Federal Legislation Be Enacted for the Permanent control of Food Prices.” The paper also listed off the names of the men who were part of the team.  The Tribune goes on to talking about how Geneva’s team had recently, with hard work and dedication, become a “crackerjack” group of debaters.  The Tribune continued to describe that only one team would be preforming at home at a time, in order to give solo billing to the team that was at home.  This gives insight into the way debate teams performed and shows that the few times that both the affirmative and negative teams were at home (see the Triangle Debates) were actually a rarity.

This article also shows that despite how new Geneva was to the field of debate, it had been excelling.  This could be a result of the Literary Societies at Geneva which had been established for many years, and the debate teams they sponsored.

Article Transcribed: http://wp.me/p39tjQ-dj

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