1923 Genevan Men’s Debate

Photo credit: 1923 Genevan Yearbook, McCartney Library, Geneva College

For Geneva’s Men’s Debate team, 1923 was a year to be proud of, especially considering that there was a coaching change at the beginning of the year.  This meant that the training started later, but Geneva grew fast.  This was the first year of the triangular debate for men.  Formerly a pentagonal league existed but a triangular style league composed of Grove City Westminster and Geneva.  They debated the question “Resolved That a Cabinet Parliamentary form of government should be adopted by the United States.”

The team faced Thiel College first and the negative won but the affirmative lost.  Then they went on to Grove City where again the negative won and the affirmative lost. In the match against Westminster both the teams won.  At the end of the year Geneva took top place, followed by Westminster and then Grove City last.  At the Triangle debate, Geneva again came out on top winning the approval of nine of the twelve judges.

On an interesting note, the Genevan yearbook mentions the fact that both student body and faculty were very supportive, even giving parades for returning victorious teams.

Biographical information on the team:  http://wp.me/p39tjQ-9c

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