1923 Women’s Debate Team Bio

Photo credit: 1923 Genevan Yearbook, McCartney Library, Geneva College

In 1923 the Geneva Women’s Inter Collegiate debate team was made up of 8 women.  They were two teams; one positive and one negative.  They once again joined the Girls Triangular League with Grove City and Westminster.  This was, as with the men’s team, under the new leadership of Dr. Clarke.

The league decided on the topic “Resolved: that the United States and Great Britain should write to form and alliance for the protection of France from Invasion.”  The teams did well and beat both Westminster and Grove City.  At the end of the year Geneva won the league with two debates and four decisions.

This topic is very interesting considering it was close to World War One and before World War Two.  One has to wonder what they used to argue the various points and whether or not that same logic was used not twenty years later by the heads of state as a reason to fight off Nazi Germany.

Biographical on this team: http://wp.me/p39tjQ-8U

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