Debate Teams 1926

Photo Credit 1926 Genevan McCartney Library

Photo Credit 1926 Genevan McCartney Library

Debating was and is a very important part of college life.  It is a way for colleges to stay abreast of the issues in the world, by having fellow college students research them and then present each side, and defend them against the opposing side.  This could be very helpful in the development of the student’s world view and how to act in life.  If they saw a persuasive debate on a topic they had previously considered anathema, they might change their mind or at least be more tolerant of opposing views.

By 1926, the college was already calling the relatively new debate teams an honored tradition.  They spread this tradition as they could, even having an article in the Beaver County Evening Tribune on them when they that years club was formed.  Once members were selected for the inter-collegiate level ( as explained in Debate Team) the teams trained together, were put into positive and negative sides, and sent to debate.  They had professor help and training but as much as possible it was the students who helped each other.

As with the earlier and continuing Aletheorian and Adelphic Literary Societies, the point was to expand the students’ knowledge, give them experience in talking in front of people (an even more necessary skill back then), and in general inform the campuses they were at about current and older subjects deemed worthy for debate.  These events were well attended.

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