Adelphic Society in the Tribune

Beaver Falls MastheadOn February 10th 1920, the Adelphic Society sponsored a small event in their hall in the Main building.  It involved a piano solo, readings, a declamation, an Oracle for the Adelphic Society and music from a quartet.  This is a good example of what a literary society did before the advent of student activities and besides their own meetings.  They would give members a chance to demonstrate their skills in front of other members and in front of the invited public, as this article shows.

This shows again the interrelation of Geneva and Beaver Falls.  This relationship, which has become strained in modern times, was once very close.  The open atmosphere of these events would only serve to help educate the people around the college into what was happening in the world and opinions on them.  It would also serve to strengthen the public speaking and playing skills of the students, as adding outsiders would increase the possible anxiety of the event.

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