Barber Shops

Photo Credit: 1920's Genevan, McCartney Library

Photo Credit: 1920’s Genevan, McCartney Library

With the new trends in fashion came innovative trends in hairstyles, and places to receive these grand styles was a necessity.* The barber shop has always functioned as more than just a place to simply get a haircut, but as social gathering place as well. In Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, one can still enjoy having their hair cut and / or face shaven by an authentic barber. However in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in the 1920s, the Corner Barber Shop was the place to go. The Corner Barber Shop advertised to “Get That Shave or Hair Cut” at their place. There is nothing like seeing the infamous red and white poles outside the shop, or having the interpersonal experience with a barber who uses a straight razor and a brush.

However surprising the fashions of the Roaring Twenties were, the appearance of the cropped hair-cut on women was more so.* And men were not always pleased with having women in their barber shops, paving the way to a new term – Hair Salon.* Regardless, The Corner Barber Shop was a happening place during the 1920s, enjoying a lot of business from the many residence of Beaver Falls, helping them to look their best while they worked hard both inside and outside of the home.

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