Textiles / Furniture / Manufacturing Companies

Life in the 1920s for businesses and consumers was good in the United States. With the changing fashions of the “Roaring Twenties” and ever-increasing wants and needs of the consumer, and their increased income due to increasing employment rates in the various industries located in the area, the various industries, such as the manufacturing, textile, and furniture companies, flourished during the 1920s. The consumers’ high-demand for the latest fashions kept many employees of the textile factories in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania employed. With hardware stores boasting that “good investments” could be made with home improvements, people found themselves wanting to redecorate their home to make these improvements even more appealing. Manufacturing companies offering the “latest-and-greatest” in technology and consumer products kept people constantly at the stores, attempting to buy the newer and better versions of products. With higher availability for employment, more people were coming into the area of Beaver Falls, therefore companies manufacturing sanitary goods, such as the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, were kept in business.

Companies such as the David B. Russell manufacturing company, also served its local college residents by advertising temporary summer employment. Life was good all-around for the residents of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, as was for most citizens in the United States because of the great circle of economy. Needs were bought with money made at businesses that were able to employ the same people who were buying their products, keeping both people and businesses happy.

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