Against Alumni Fears of Change

Article from Alumnus staff on Geneva's future, part one

Article from Alumnus staff on Geneva’s future, part one

Article on Geneva's Future by Staff part two

Article on Geneva’s Future by Staff part two

This article is specifically written in order to alleviate the fears that alumni might have about Geneva Alumni about the future of the College. It goes through all the reasons that Geneva will have a stable future. It first lists the ways its location helps it. He starts by saying that it is a central location for the community and that more and more people are seeking higher education all the time. The article also mentions that because Geneva is the only college of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, it will always be training its youth from near and far. He then says that Geneva is a highly accredited college and that alone makes it desirable to people from farther away. He also indicated that Geneva has a good placement record and its alumni enjoy good lives. Next he says that Geneva has a powerful spirit and that it makes people happy to go to Geneva, loyal when they are there and interested once they have graduated. The article indicated that part of this stems from the Christian Faith that comes from the school but much of it is from the inborn camaraderie of the students and faculty. He continues the article praising the Alumni for their generous support in financial and spiritual matters. They are a credit to the institution in his eyes and they make Geneva better for it. He ends the article with a look at the aim of Geneva, not to build a student body but to develop intelligent and worthy students in all that they can do. This article seeks to show Alumni that while the institution has developed the mission stands the same and always will as a drive to be the best school to make the best students, not the most students.

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