Geneva’s World Travel School

Article Explaining Geneva's Travel School to Alumni

Article Explaining Geneva’s Travel School to Alumni

This article in the Geneva Alumnus address a completely new program for Geneva. Geneva has recently established a travel extension school. The reasoning is as stated “Believing that Geneva College should swing into line with other colleges in offering cultural courses,… have organized a travel extension course.” This shows Geneva purposefully keeping up with the times and keeping up with the outside world and sending people out into the world to learn and return. This is a proud tradition that Geneva still carries on from these fledgling roots in the 1920’s. The article goes in-depth about the program, its advantages and what it does. This essay is both descriptive and self promoting. It shows the alumni a new program that they may or may not have heard about and probably was not available for them. The author, a Professor Gyla McDowell, also wants to promote the change that Geneva has made in order to keep up with people and use this as an example of following the surrounding colleges that worked and has done well. This is carefully considered and placed in an active attempt to make people see the good side of change. These advancements may not have been a problem but one can see that alumni of Geneva College, a conservative Christian school, may have taken issue with some change. There are certainly articles in the various issues that are trying to lay to rest issues, and always have a positive spin on change while also portraying the new as cohesive to the mission of Geneva College.

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