President George to the Alumni

Letter from President George on Geneva's progress.

Letter from President George on Geneva’s progress.

End of President George's message about Geneva to Alumni

End of President George’s message about Geneva to Alumni

This piece is from the third volume of the Geneva Alumnus. The magazine seems to have learned a lot about how to do its style, but not much has changed from the early magazine. They still focus on the abilities of the school to be part of the forefront of colleges across America. In this article President George address the alumni and tells them they should be proud of Geneva. He says that academically it has never been stronger. He also points to Geneva having a massive endowment and being Christian. this he says is unheard of to do at the same time, calling Geneva “atmosphere where the highest ideas flourish.” He also calls alumni to visit the school through the pages of the magazine and through homecoming and the like. The President ends the piece with “I call upon you all to KNOW your college and, knowing her, you will be proud of her. And may each of you so live that your Alma Mater will be proud of YOU.” This calls every Geneva Alumni to live up to the ideals they were taught and attempts to illustrate that these ideals have not been violated in the changes. In fact he hardly mentions the changes except to mention class size. He just shows the fine and proud points of Geneva College and hopes that the Alumni will know and be proud of their former college.

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