President Pearce to the Alumni

Another letter from President Pearce, this one addressing Geneva's Expansion

Another letter from President Pearce, this one addressing Geneva’s Expansion

This is one of the most fascinating articles early in the writing of the Geneva Alumnus. It is titled “What Expansion Means to Geneva” by President Pearce. It is his direct speaking to the new alumni and old alumni. The purpose is to lay to rest their fears and give them his view into the new world that is Geneva. It is very powerful, because he is making every effort to explain to people why they have made these same changes. He points out that this is completely normal and actually part of the changes in the culture. He credits this to the change in the job environment, and even to the improvement of the roads, meaning people can come from even farther away. He then says that in all this Geneva not only has increased attendance but also increased responsibility to these students to give them all they can, and that means that the school needs to grow and change. To quote Pearce “We should, in a word, pause to congratulate ourselves that the old school has at last win out, that it is growing as we long hoped it would grow.” This is his claim, that Geneva is not only growing in a spectacular way, but this is part of the whole, and hale mission given to Geneva since its founding. This piece is to, again, alleviate the fears of the Alumni who can see the changes now better than ever because of the new alumni magazine advertising the fact. You can see that this is becoming an issue and was not as much of one without the magazine, because it took an entire year of the magazine for people to voice. It also took that long for the avenue of reply to come in this form.

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