Staff Article on “Forward Momentum”

The letter from the Editor of the Alumnus Magazine in the First Issue

The letter from the Editor of the Alumnus Magazine in the First Issue

This piece on the bottom half of the page is called “A Forward Movement.” It speaks to the alumni and shows them how this magazine is part of the moment in the future of Geneva College. This is specifically tailored to the alumni but, as illustrated elsewhere, it is an alumni magazine and that tailoring is to be expected. This article references a revising of the Alumni Association constitution that is part of this progress. It gives the alumni more information and makes their presence and opinions felt even more by the College. The second part of the forward moment it lists is the creation of a permanent committee rather than committees that had been created at an as needed basis by the college. This shows the college was vitally interested in its alumni, not just as a resource but as a relationship and as an advice group. This is backed by its third point in that more and more alumni are keeping in contact with Geneva and giving them more knowledge about their life. This means Geneva can build relationships to continue forward and to give current students an advantage by possibly pointing out alumni who could help. All of this is toward the advancement of the College into the future not only with new ideas but with a firm grounding in its past, ie its Alumni.

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