Staff Article on Geneva Progress

Article by the Staff of the Alumni on the progress of Geneva

Article by the Staff of the Alumni on the progress of Geneva

This piece is expressly written in order to keep the alumni in contact with the advancement in the college community. They boast of the enrollment reaching 500 people. This is massive compared to the amount of people some of these students attended class with. Two years ago they referenced that the had to split a class in half to get everyone in classes. That means there was only ever around 30 people per class before. Now there are 500 people attending the college and they regularly have that same problem. Geneva does not see it a s problem but as a blessing from God in order to teach even more people. Geneva actually hit the set cap of students they could take in as Freshman, 200. They end the article with “We of the Alumni may well be justly proud of our Alma Mater’s continued and, of late, rapid development…” They want their alums to be proud and show them always the good side of expansion and address any concern they may have. The article also references that Geneva has expanded into $100,000 stadium and bought a house for the music department. It makes a point of saying that this is all still under the aspect of Christian education and learning. This comes from the justifiable fear of the Alumni that all this change might drag Geneva into the more public sphere and out of the Private Christian college they went too and loved.

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